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ColorZilla for Firefox

This is a must have tool to add to your arsenal as a web designer because it’s small, fast and convenient. ColorZilla is an extension for Firefox featuring an advanced eyedropper, colour picker, palette viewer and more!

I’ve used this extension to instantly select colours from websites/images then grab the colour code and paste into my CSS directly. Or I can paste into an online colour palette generator and build a custom palette faster than it would take to load up Photoshop and do the same. I love it because it’s unobtrusive and always ready to go.

Eyedropper: I see an colour I like on some random website, I want it and looky, I got it!


Main Menu: Quickly call up my menu and get the colour code and voila, ready to paste!


Palette List View: I can even save my colour selections.


Webpage Colour Analyzer: Curious to know all the colours used on a website? Don’t grab it one pixel at time, let ColorZilla analyze it for you!


Yep, this one is a fantastic extension to have on hand and I highly recommend that it be part of your workflow. I’ll continue to post about the tools, resources and websites that have helped me when I’m designing and developing websites. Do you have any extensions that have made designing easier for you? Let me know and see you in the comments.

Dujour Magazine is the Incarnation of Pretty


Dujour magazine is a bi-monthly PRINT & DIGITAL magazine with a blog that keeps dishing out awesomeness. Editor Letitia Burrell wanted a magazine that would relay “high fashion that inspired while at the same time mixed with realistic fashion she could attain, all with a generous dose or artsy fun and intelligence”. And I’m glad that she did, because they sure do deliver!


And recently, Letitia posted an article on the prettiest rooms in “If Only My Rooms Were Filled With…” which I’m clipping for inspiration. Some day soon, I’ll turn my room around into something as inspiration and not just functional.


Also note, that once you start to follow their blog, you’ll grow to love their confectionery addiction. You’ll probably develop your own constant lust for cupcakes.

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day everyone, please enjoy another consumerist holiday with lovely e-card from , “when you care enough to hit send”.

I really like this particular card because I’m the middle child with two brothers. Of course, my dad does tend to spoil/favour me, often calling me “son” but it wasn’t until recently that he explained that he’s been calling me “sun” for sunshine! Which I think is the sweetest thing, coming from a man who has a hard time verbalizing mushy things like saying “I love you”. So I think he’d get a kick out of this little gem!

So check them out when you need to quickly send a little something out. I have been using for a long time now because it’s cheeky and easy to use. They’ve since added the ability to create your own cards but they’re selection of snarky humour continue to grow and relevent with current issues.

Floating Sofa by D.K.wei


Image from Flickr, via Yanko Design, Form Beyond Function.

Mmm, this would make for a delicious floating bed! I was just telling my mum that I would love an all-white, super comfy bed set that would feel like I’m sleeping in a cloud. Lo and behold, I come across this piece of genius! It doesn’t exist in form yet… but someone sure got the ball rolling on this. I expect this to be on my door step by Christmas.


This Cloud Sofa will certainly go very well with your own Personal Moon. But then again, I prefer to sleep in the dark with as little stimuli as possible. Sometimes, I even put a scarf over my alarm clock or turn it away. I cherish my sleepy time very much!

Art Star Craft Bazaar 2009 Postcard


M. Patrizio recently went to the Art Star Craft Bazaar 2009 and picked up some beautiful postcards, designed by Julie West. She was kind enough to send one to me and not only that, she also included a set of the most adorable stickers! Even her envelope was beautiful! Thank you Marilyn!