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Happy Holidays 2009


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with friends, family and good food. May the new year bring you more of what you desire, but most of all, make it the year you want it to be.

Whatever holiday you may be celebrating, cheers my lovelies!

Can’t Get Enough of Rings


It’s true. Accessories have always been the most inexpensive impulse purchase i have been able to make, costume jewellery of course! Rings, in particular are my weak spot, the bigger and more ornate, the better! Most time’s I’ll put on a coat of clear polish on them before wearing (to avoid getting that green discoloration on my skin).

a hardcore romanticism

“I think this is the point where the mind has to go on an evolving stage. The lazy mind cannot grasp it. The lazy mind cannot function. Things like cynicism and irony and negativity, those are syndromes of a lazy mind. It takes no effort to give in. It’s too easy to be a cynic. It’s too easy to be ironic. It’s too easy to be negative. It’s a lot more harder to be like Charles Bukowski or Tom Waits and find a piece of trash on the street and be like, “You know what? This is the best fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life.” It’s a hardcore romanticism. I kind of come from that school of thought. I think that being here on Earth is a gift to make a full use of before whatever the next stage is. A lot effort is required for that. I’m not scared of the effort and willing to give my 100% to speed up evolution. Something has got to happen.”

-Eugene Hutz

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I would call this passion, and it’s beautiful when witnessed within a person.