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Give Up the White and Turn to the Dark Side

Source: Dwell

I just found out about Cindy Gallop, the consultant, coach, entrepreneur, speaker and all around amazing woman! I’m pretty much just gobsmacked as I scratch the surface of this very fascinating woman, her career and life. In particular, I’m in love with her beautifully designed apartment based on a black-lacquered Chinese box concept. It’s definitely an aesthetic that I’m drawn towards.

Photos of her apartment:





Source: Behance Network

What makes her amazeballs?

“Make Love, Not Porn”, Cindy Gallop’s TED2009 4-minute presentation in which she promotes her website debunking the myths that hardcore pornography perpetuates. TED’s profile of Cindy Gallop.

Wow, is all I can say because I think she’s awesome sauces!