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Umbra’s POP! Product Launch


Umbra's Concept Store will be hosting POP! Product Launch this Thursday, February 25, 2010 at the Umbra Concept Store in downtown Toronto. Hope you'll get a chance to check out, I hear there will be prizes, cocktails and hors d'oeurves. The event is also sponsored by The Pop Shoppe, so I'm sure they'll be on hand to share loads of fun stuff. I'll see you there cupcakes!

Much love and sprinkle hearts,

Keep Your Thirst at Bay With These Well Designed Carafes

French Stacking Carafe With Glass Set from I Love Uma


Bedside Carafe from Crate and Barrel


Hargreave Carafe with Glass from Clio


Monogrammed Glass Carafe from Williams-Sonoma


Bedside Carafe and Tumbler

It’s always a good idea to have a drink on hand, whether it be bedside or desk side. I think it would be lovely to have a beautiful carafe and these ones even have tumblers as covers so you can be sure there aren’t any floaters when you reach for a drink. Function and beauty baby!

Pretty Much My Daily Uniform


Caroline Blomst has taken 14 items and created 14 different looks. And she’s hosting a lovely contest where you have a chance to win one of the outfits she has put together.

I’ve chosen this hot little number because it so awesomely amazeballs. It’s so put together that I can get around everywhere in this outfit, from working at the design studio all day to rocking it at night. Though I’m not sure I’d last too long on the heels all day but I’m willing to try! Each piece can also be the centerpiece of other outfits that I look forward to building ♥.

Above: Top Gina Tricot, Jacket Topshop, Treggings H&M, Bracelet Lindex, Glasses H&M, Shoes H&M.

Kelly Cutrone is My Hero


In your book you say that publicity is built on spinning the truth. How would you differentiate between spinning the truth and a lie?

[Laughs.] Oh my God, if I can answer this question I could maybe get a religion. I would say that spinning the truth has a starting place that’s good, real and right, whereas a lie does not. It really depends on the perception and intention of the spinner.

This quote in particular is applicable to any industry that needs to present itself to the public, audience, users, consumers because a good brand or good company need to have a core that is coming from a place of truth in order to resonate with the public.

The difference in just creating a poster and building a brand is that you can create a really amazing advertisement for a shitty product (“the lie”) but people aren’t going to keep buying into you whereas a well developed strategy (“spinning the truth”) will compel people to try you out and keep coming back for more. And as a designer where my role is to present a company/brand/product, I have found that the most successful campaigns always expressed themselves truthfully.

I’m looking forward to picking up her book “If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You”. I’m sure it’ll be a fun and entertaining read, much like what I’ve seen from her appearances in the MTV shows “The Hills” and “The City”. And now you know I have a weakness for bubble gum shows.

Anyway, read the Times Magazine Interview with Kelly Cutrone to find out more about her. She rocks my world.

Wrist Decorations

I'm obsessed with rings, I'm not sure if you get that yet but I am.

Accessory-wise, the next lusty obsession I have is with wrist decorations. I love to stack lots and lots of bracelets together, although I'm not too keen on all the jiggling against the desk when I'm at the keyboard all day. Ah, well, a little jiggling is always acceptable!

Much love and sprinkle hearts,


It’s Like Petting a Cupcake and Walking Away

These incredible photos were taken by wildlife photographer Michel Denis-Huot, in Kenya’s Masai-Mara Reserve, and show three grown male cheetah’s playing and cuddling with a young Impala, instead of tearing it apart and eating it.

The cheetahs were just roaming across the wilderness, when they spotted a pack of Impalas, which they decided to chase. One little antelope wasn’t fast enough and got left behind. When the cheetahs caught up with it, they simply started playing with what supposed to be their food. The three felines started licking the Impala, put their paws on its head, cuddling, but nothing threatening.

After a playing session, the Impala ran away unharmed. The only remotely logical explanation is that the three cheetahs were already too full and tired for another kill.


Blonde Salad with a Pink Dress and a Castle

I think it’s a great plan to dress up to feel as pretty as you can.

Personally, when I start having a rough and stressful day, I like to take a moment for myself and start the process of feeling good again. So sometimes, it’s true, looking good can make you feel good, vice versa.

It’s no secret that rings are my favourite accessories, but today I forgot them at home. I know it’s silly but my hands felt a little light and I missed them. I even contemplated shopping for more after work because I was itching to put on some sparkly, bubbly things around my fingers!

Girl Crush Emma Stone


Note: Vanity Fair March 2010, Young Hollywood

First saw her in SuperBad, enjoyed the sillyness of The House Bunny, surprised to see her in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and rocked my world in Zombieland, thus securing her place in my girl crush roster for being pretty, funny and badass.