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Spring Trend Report Review

It was a pretty glummy, rainy Monday evening but stepping into The Red Carpet Room was a complete change of atmosphere. Miss Yvonne Kai of HeyDoYou, was ever the gracious host, friendly and inviting – definitely someone I look forward to getting to know more about as she's also a lovely entrepreneur who successfully utilized social media and blogging to her advantage!

I digress so on with the Spring Trend Report. Everything was glammed up and pretty, with all the jewellery boutiques set up and showcasing their wares. There were plenty of lovely hardware and feathers, I think I should have gotten one of Oh Dina Hair Fascinations's creations. Looking back on these photos, I remember how cute they look and so much more magnificent in person. I had such a good time trying on a few of them with @ValTorontoGal, a new professional on the scene, a representative of covering hot new events in the city. I'm really glad to have met her because I was starting to feel out of place, and  had a very natural and infectious energy which made the evening for me.

My favourite aspects of attending events like this is the social and personal interactions. I'm definitely shy and constantly in awe of the amazing talent that Toronto has that I'm instantly in fangirl mode when I do attend events. I also enjoy being part of the experience instead of blogging about them from an outsider view. As shy as I am, I'm glad I still try because I did enjoy meeting Yvonne and Valerie.

Do you think that because someone blogs, it instantly makes them an outgoing, social butterfly? Do you blog and still feel shy? Stew on that for a bit.

Much love and sprinkle hearts,
Donna Vitan


















Sunday Magazines

Hello Nibblets,

I've been catching up on some stacked magazines I had set aside months ago. I haven't been buying them as often simply because I have been getting all kinds of busy, but today I did get to enjoy reading up on them.

Read up on Emily Blunt – I got a chance to see an advanced screening of Young Victoria, but alas, too busy! Elle's gift guide with a red theme – delicious! And a fantastic article on Nadine Joliea former beauty editor and author of Confessions of a Beauty Addict.

So it was a pretty chill way to spend some offline time.

Much love and sprinkle hearts,
Donna Vitan




The Red Carpet Room Spring Trend Report


HeyDoYou‘s Yvonne Kai, has organized a Canadian Designer Accessory Showcase, sponsored by FUZE at The Red Carpet Room.

The Accessory showcase will consist of some of Canada’s newest and most impressive designers from the West to the East and the Runway Show will reveal the hottest spring trends from it’s impressive roster of designers. The Show, appealing to both womenswear and menswear fans, will feature mini capsule collections from eleven vastly different clothing and accessory designers. From floral-inspired looks to eco-chic, brush up on the latest trends in Canadian design during this ultra-glam evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, celebs and of course, FASHION!

Runway Show Designers
Jessica Biffi, Mulcair, Brazen Hussy, Coccolily, Paris Li, Lizares, Hillberg & Berk, Psalms 91:1, MICALLA, Blair Nadeau, Miss Niya

Accessory ShowcaseJenny Grecco Jewelry, Oh Dina Hair Fascinations, Ola Finesse Jewelry, MEYA’TEYES AUTHENTIKS, John James, Roxx Jewels, Damn Heels and much more…

You can partake in the festivities by buying your ticket at And remember that the raffle, vendor and ticket proceeds will be donated to Look Good Feel Better – Helping Women with Cancer.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the shows and most definitely the accessories, never mind that it will be a Monday. It’ll be a great way to start off my birthday week! See you there?

Fora Magazine by MTV Canada


MTV Canada will soon be launching an online magazine, Fora. A magazine focused on beauty and trends which might just be another resource to finding out the latest and most popular in trends, especially since MTV's got the pulse on all things pop! I can't wait to find out more about it and I will definitely share my findings here.

Have you got any links to share on beauty and trends? I'm sure you do, so share them please? I could always add more to my kajillion feeds in Google Reader.

Much love and sprinkle hearts,

LUCYD ACYD Illicit Bandage Leggings



Oh hotness! I love these leggings. They are amazeballs, and I’m amazeballs so I really think I should have a pair of these. Must… have….

It really isn’t that often that I get an overwhelming lusty feeling towards apparel… but this blog would suggest otherwise.

No really though, there’s plenty of lusty items on this blog but most of the time they fall under oh-that’s-nice kind of lust. But this one is special, I can tell. Mostly because it’s actually affordable to me and doesn’t have a price tag ranging in the thousands.

Thanks Vanessa of for sharing!

Little Alice in the Garden


Yes, Alice in Wonderland is very big right now. I’ve seen it in theater and yes, it is worth a trip to the theater because it’s just a delicious visual feast and Johnny Depp is always a treat!

There are so many fantastical images all around promoting the movie that it’s quite easy to just drown them out but once my eyes laid upon this particular piece, I had to post it. I had to share it.

I really like sharing things but honestly, a lot of the things posted here are really bits of inspiration and curious things that I collect here on this blog for myself. I hope that you enjoy them too, of course!

What’s been your Alice in Wonderland treat?

Gremlins Behind the Scenes at Giles Deacons Paris Fashion Week




I really love seeing backstage photos more than the runway photos. I suppose it’s because I’m more interested in the tools of the trade and the idea of making things up, creating things, putting them together and the rush that comes with climax of presenting the finished product to the world.

Look at all those makeup brushes!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010/2011 Collection





I dig the really awesome lines of these three particular dresses. There’s a dress in my mind, not sure what it looks like yet, and I haven’t dared try to sketch it out but it takes a few elements from each of these dresses. Diaphanous, structured and curvy.

Aaand… it would probably include more colours. Or maybe not, who knows!