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Sex and the City 2 Interiors

I highly anticipate seeing this movie, but I’m not in a major rush to see the film just yet. There’s a lot of madness for it though I’m more keen in seeing the visual feast that would be the exotic locations, extravagant interiors and of course, way too trendy outfits!

I love the “His and Hers” wardrobe.

Sprinkle hearts!


Then You Were Standing In Front Of Me


I posted a work space inspiration the other day. I found more at Garance Doré and learned that the work space belongs to Tamila Purvis, a jewellery designer for ManiaMania.

She has this poem posted on her inspiration board. It really connects with me and I recognize the feeling that it conjures up for me, my love for a certain, silly person in my life.

Barf hearts!

Drivers Paint Rosenthaler Platz


I love it when one of the many zillion blog feeds I follow turn up artsy gems like these.

Summary: In Berlin, a “group of cyclists” dumped many gallons of paint into the middle of Rosenthalerplatz, letting pedestrians, cars, and bikes create a colorful collective work of art. Amateur video below.

Colourful Vellum Paper Mobiles


This lovely DIY project is making the rounds on the interwebs and I’ve already seen it featured/posted on many other ladies’ blogs. I thought I’d put here too because I do love the project and isn’t my blog, my treasure chest of inspiration too!

There are too many blogs and individual posts that catch my eye, and just as many times, I often try and go back to find a particular image or inspiration but it’s lost in the archives of a million other pretty things that I consider it a lost cause.

I just wanted to share this here and hope that you don’t mind if you’ve already seen it before. It’s such a lovely project, and easy to customize to your own colour palette.

Rainbow shinies and sprinkle hearts!

No Better Military Style Than Troop Beverly Hills


Taylor Jacobson recently posted about her take on the military trend and shares her love for that 80’s movie Troop Beverly Hills. So now I have a super urge to watch this film.

I’m not adverse to roughing it when it comes to camping in the bush but getting a camp set up by the Wilderness Troop would be a treat!

On a completely different note… does anybody even read this? Am I alone in my love for random bits of girlishness. I bet not, but in the event that I’m lucky enough to have a reader or two, what random bits of girlishness tickles your fancy?

Getting Silly With the Webcam

And it's not even 11PM for me yet!

I'm feeling quite lazy and boring and lethargic. It's one of those evenings where nothing is really entertaining me which doesn't happen often because I have a very active imagination. Frankly I could entertain myself, drive myself to distraction way into the early dawn just by being connected on the interwebz, but tonight… I'm just blah!

Is anybody out there? Do you get like this too? What do you do to get out of a funk?

How about getting silly with the webcam? Yeah, OK, so maybe I should have gotten myself prettied up but this is me unedited! At least I entertained myself for another half hour.

What am I going to do with the next 12? You tell me, you tell me right now!

Much love and sprinkles,

Donna Vitan







Sex And The City 2, Samantha’s My Fave


I’ve tried to stay away from the previews, trailers and photos promoting the new SatC 2 movie but I couldn’t stay away from contests. This one particular will be awarding the new HP TouchSmart Notebook. Enter the Sex And The City 2 And HP Daily Mirror Challenge at StyleCaster.

Other than that, I think the photo above is awesome because damnit, she’s getting older and still looking good, kicking ass in business. I covet her desk and supremely large windows in the back, however the only thing she’s missing is dual monitors. Then it would be my perfect desk.

Giant Panda Illustration from PodgyPanda, Richard Kuoch


So cute!

I know I’ve been MIA for a long while but it is taking me a lot longer than expected to truly get settled in my new place in Brisbane, Australia. The only thing I need right now is my broadband internet installed and then I am good to go.

Miss you all! Do you have any new inspired links? I want to start putting together a post of inspirations – design, fashion, lifestyle, everything!

Much love and sprinkle hearts!

Wishlist Elise Whipstitch Bag


Leather dual strap bag with whipstitch detail on straps. Features twin shoulder straps, adjustable cross body strap, zip pocket on front, cotton lining, internal zip pocket & mobile phone pouch. Witchery recommends applying Witchery Water & Stain Protector to this item prior to use. Please follow the instructions carefully & reapply regularly for continued protection

Oh dear, I’m in lusty love for this handsome bag! Must buy…