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The Ecospace WorkPod


An efficient use of space and budget.

The Ecospace WorkPod™ is a compact, ergonomically designed workspace for one person and is a contemporary, practical solution for home workers needing separate, but affordable year round workspace. With optional integral work station and storage systems, it creates a cost-effective and productive working environment.

  • Ideal for restricted sites
  • Fully completed with office technology and low energy underfloor heating and lighting.
  • More cost effective than renting office space
  • Typical installation is just 4 days

A sweet and nifty solution when you really need your own workspace.

Taylor Jacobson By Kasil Workshop


Kasil’s creative director David Lim met with Taylor soon after she left Rachel Zoe. He realized early on that they shared similar views when it came to denim. “As soon as we met, we found the one thing we have in common is the same idea as far as how we would like the overall jean to look – which is clean, classic, no bells and whistles, just really simple,” David said.


I rather like these Kasil jeans and definitely agree with the idea of keeping the look clean and simple.

Now I know that the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project is imminent and though I’m a super fan of Taylor Jacobson, I will be watching the show. I’m curious and apprehensive at how the separation plays out in the show, but I’m hoping success for everyone and maybe a tad bit more for Taylor because I have soft spot for the underdog.

How cute is she in this photo?


Haute Culture Mini Gardens


I’ve never had a pet. I don’t think gold fish count. Even if it did, I’m not proud of how long they lived under my care.

But I think I would be really good at taking care of grass! And if I do it well, maybe I can upgrade to flowers and more special kinds of plants. Preferably the kind that are low maintenance and very resilient.

No cactus please. I like to pet.

The American Apparel Dress Code Manual

There was also a previous and interesting leak of American Apparel’s Hiring & Styling Guides.

I can’t even begin to comment on the state of this company, its hiring practices or code of conduct but I can comment on how well their branding is done. Clear, simple and concise. It leaves little to misinterpretation and provides a consistent and organized process.


Fantastical Headpieces


The first one reminds me of the child-like Empress from The Neverending Story. I’m sure most of you will agree with me on that.

The crown doesn’t really remind me of anything but it does evoke awesomeness and I’m down with that.

Crown me, crown me, crown me!

Fluorescent Nail Polish


Garance Doré is exploring her love for fluorescent nail polish.

I adore bright nail polish right now. I recently had a rainbow manicure last week. But right now, I’m sporting hot fluorescent pink. I’m still waiting to find the right green mint shade with a touch of blue.