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Lady Botanica 2010 Collection from Stone Cold Fox

I’ve seen this new Lady Botanic 2010 Collection from Stone Cold Fox featured in my gazillion feeds in Google Reader. They’re definitely dreamy but I’m more enamored by the flower headdresses. They’re definitely been something I’ve been wanting and dreaming about, even had them lined up as a DIY project because I couldn’t find anything that was of acceptable quality and beauty. I mean, come on, these are gorgeous. Oh yeah, the clothes are pretty too.


Thanks Is This Real LIfe? Fashion Canvas and Knight Cat.

On A Feminine Streak

I think by now you’ve caught on that I’m full on into girly, frilly, ruffled outfits WITH attitude! Well thanks to Dead Fleurette, she’s tuned me on to Gillian Tennant. A shop that has linen, cotton and silk pieces that look like they’d float like butter on your skin!


If I only had to to pick two pieces from the collection it would be the Easy Dress in White and Tucked Skirt in Fawn because they’d be the most versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe. I would wear them with Jeffrey Campbell Black Clinic Wedges with side metal plate (hey, this is my dream wardrobe remember!) for that touch of hardness from all this softness.


Don’t forget to check out Dead Fleurette, she is hosting a giveaway for 2 pieces of the Gillian Tennant collection!

I Checked Out Tonight’s Fashion Snaps


Le bf joined me tonight at checking out Fashion Snaps at Queen Street Mall to kick off The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane. Fashion Snaps is a free public event to showcase spring/summer fashion from retailers in the mall and surrounding CBD shops.

It was worth a visit, if anything I love how Queen Street Mall always has something going for the public.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out tonight as they will be doing it everyday until the end of the festival. For more details, check out the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.

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