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How To: Hard Boil Eggs

Hard boil three of the eggs.  My hard-boiling-egg method:  put eggs in a pot, cover with water, and cook until water boils.  Turn off the heat, pop a lid on the pot, and let the eggs sit there until the water cools enough for you to touch it {about 20 minutes}.

That sounds about right. Now I want some eggs.

Double Wall Glassware




Now that I’ve moved into my new place, it’s time to start outfitting it with the very things that make it a home.

Last week, le BF and I caught the cold and that called for cups of tea! We didn’t have mugs yet and I wanted to find some that were not your typical or kitschy mug and these double wall glassware were perfect!

I only got a pair but I’m thinking I need to get more for guests and not only that, I want to pick up a few sets of the 21oz.

Of course, a quick search on Amazon, means I’ve got options as to where I can get them. The reviews are also helpful and I may still decide against them considering many say they’re quite too delicate.

  • Bodum Assam Double-Wall Cooler/Beer Glass, Set of 2
  • Sun’s Tea (TM) 20oz Strong Double Wall Thermo Glasses/Tumbler for Beer/Cocktail/Lemonade/Iced Tea, Set of 2
  • Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo Glasses