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Kammock is a lightweight camping hammock made with a fabric called LunarWaveTM that can easily be packed into a smaller bag. It’s currently a Kickstarter project and a donation of $85 will get you one!

This is definitely something my friends would love.

Glass Greenhouse


This would make a great home for my little characters! They’d be adventuring in the forest and such.

But then again, I’m terrible at taking care of my plants. My peace lily wants to keep growing but I haven’t moved her to a new pot yet. 🙁 I must make that a priority before summer’s end.

Home Tech Ideas to Steal from the IKEA 2012 Catalog via @unplggd


8. Use a remote caddy for tablet/ notebook bedside storage: Another clever idea that we are surprised we did not think of considering the amount of times the iPads get placed under a pillow or under the bed after some late night Angry Birdsing or reading. Using a remote caddy is a much safer and smarter option than hoping your partner remembers that the MacBook Air is in a precarious spot under the bed.

Will definitely have to incorporate this because I don’t have space for a bedside table.