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Red with Black and White Bow, Forever21


I think this shirt is cute. I wear it to work. Obvi. But I wear a blazer with it so I look smart. Also, if you shop in Forever21, it’s great for cheap and trendy items but make sure you still pay attention to quality so that it doesn’t fall apart after the first wash. Just sayin.

Getting my hair done at @DonatoSalonSpa, @YorkdaleStyle with Vince


I’m actually pretty lazy with my hair and haven’t made a trip to the hair gods in a while. So I made a girl hair date with my mum and her best friend this past Sunday morning to get a trim. It was more like me tagging along to their girl hair date. I figured since they were going anyway, and I needed to hand off some things to my mum, I’d come along and get this hair business out of the way.

I have really long, thick hair and since I coloured my hair to achieve the ombré look, my hair has been ultra dry and badly damaged. And though I’m pretty terrible at managing my own hair, it’s great to trust someone who knows what they’re doing. Vince gave me a treatment to help moisturize my hair, a lovely cut that keeps my hair long, and an amazing blowout.

I even got the most flattering compliment! Sweet girl that @corinacorona, she made my day!


I also thought of getting bangs and asked my friends on Facebook for their thoughts. Even after all that, I was still undecided. It wasn’t until I spoke with Vince, that I agreed to just get a cut today and maybe in a few months, get bangs. I wasn’t in any particular rush to do something drastic, just a quick fix to my split ends!


Anyway, if you’re in the area and are looking to try someone new and for a great deal, hit up the Donato Spa in Yorkdale. Ask for Vince and tell them I sent you (not necessary, since they probably don’t know who I am as I’m not that big of a deal, despite a shirt that I may or may not have which says so).

It was pretty rad to go out later that evening with friends to a Super Bowl party and feel like I had the greatest hair!

Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector, Canada’s first BB Cream

What the hell is a BB Cream?

I really had no idea what it was and only really found out about it through Cat Marnell, the beauty and health director for She’s hilarious by the way, you should read her gold mine.¬†Anyway, she recently wrote a drugstore edition on BB cream¬†with a low down on what it’s about and why it’s setting the world on fiya!


I’m a sucker for something easy to add to my routine and with all the benefits mentioned, it seemed like a miracle product. So… F’yeah! The next time I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I dropped a pretty penny ($21.99 CDN) for Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector, marketed as Canada’s first BB Cream. I’ll give it a chance since I’ve always used and liked Garnier’s stuff before.

So far, my first day with it has been pretty good. It applied softly, felt light on the skin, and depending on how heavy you are with the product, provides a smooth colouring. I won’t subject you with my mug shot, but maybe I should since this is technically my review of the product. There was a second there where I was going to put a picture up but then I got all shy and shit. Maybe next time when I get some balls!

I told a friend about it at work, and I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced him to give this a try too. Yes, it was a him. Hey, sometimes a guy needs a little help getting perfect too!