Afternoon Tea at Windsor Arms Hotel

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I had a great afternoon tea at Windsor Arms Hotel with Jason and it was amazing. I’ve been here only once before with my best friend and as I recall, the experience was super. I tried not to talk it up too much, just in case the experience isn’t the same but it did not disappoint.


Jason chose the “Russian Caravan” tea (China Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong and Bergamot) and I chose “Eve’s Temptation” tea (Pure Fruit! Apple and Mango) – mine was apparently excellent for children! Jason’s tea was described as smelling of campfire and having a smokey, almost cigar flavour, a very manly tea whereas mine was a sweet treat. I suppose I could have been more adventerous but I’m not quite a tea connoisseur… Yet!


The Afternoon Tea at Windsor Arms Hotel includes your choice of loose-leaf tea, the freshest scones with fresh fruit preserves and fresh devon cream, the most delicious and fancy little bitty sandwiches and petits fours. Sometimes – ok, often – my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach and I thought that there’s no way this is going to satisfy me for lunch. And I would be wrong because even though it may look like all these are snack sized, they were all definitely filling!

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Check it out, I recently received my LovelySally Silent Smoke Leggings and I couldn’t wait to wear it out.  I really love the design on these leggings, especially when black and white are my top colours. This lovely green wall just outside the patio was the perfect backdrop for a bit of camwhoring.