Cinnamon & Coffee


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About Cinnamon & Coffee in her own words:

It’s all about scrubs and high-heels, really.
Med School. Fashion. Music. Books. Starbucks. Shoes. Geeking Out. Photographs. Paris. Coke Zero. Movie Night. Cosmopolitans. Sleeping In. Violet Scrubs and Pink Flats. Ray Bans. Bows. Awkward Crushes. Comic Books. Libraries.

Anna Pope’s blog chronicles her own med student life with a passion for fashion and culture! I’m inspired by her ability to continually incorporate those passions in her daily life. Recently I’ve been doing my best to bring more beauty into my life by celebrating the little things that catch my eye, make me smile and feel good because the time before had really left me in a rut.


So if you’re like me and want to add a little bit more deliciousness into your life, you could give Cinnamon & Coffee a look-see. It also helps that she features the hotness that is Karl Urban, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.