ColorZilla for Firefox

This is a must have tool to add to your arsenal as a web designer because it’s small, fast and convenient. ColorZilla is an extension for Firefox featuring an advanced eyedropper, colour picker, palette viewer and more!

I’ve used this extension to instantly select colours from websites/images then grab the colour code and paste into my CSS directly. Or I can paste into an online colour palette generator and build a custom palette faster than it would take to load up Photoshop and do the same. I love it because it’s unobtrusive and always ready to go.

Eyedropper: I see an colour I like on some random website, I want it and looky, I got it!


Main Menu: Quickly call up my menu and get the colour code and voila, ready to paste!


Palette List View: I can even save my colour selections.


Webpage Colour Analyzer: Curious to know all the colours used on a website? Don’t grab it one pixel at time, let ColorZilla analyze it for you!


Yep, this one is a fantastic extension to have on hand and I highly recommend that it be part of your workflow. I’ll continue to post about the tools, resources and websites that have helped me when I’m designing and developing websites. Do you have any extensions that have made designing easier for you? Let me know and see you in the comments.