From the Beginning: Desiging for Yourself

As a full-time employed designer for a studio, I have found myself lacking motivation and inspiration to continue my own designs and artwork. I recognized this a long time ago, though my work has kept me engaged with design, it has not allowed me to completely explore my own creative flavour.

Now is the time for me to kick myself into gear and finally put together a website for myself, one that fully encourages and encompasses my own imagination without limits. I need it to be my portfolio and personal platform to share my thoughts, advice about the things I’ve learned so far and goals for the future.

Follow me on my journey of self-improvement and quest for creative fulfillment. I will go through obstacles and bouts of procrastination but I will do my best to overcome these, because it is time to stop letting my own self-doubt and fear keep me from achieving greatness on my own terms.