H&M Fashion Against Aids

Am I always late to the party? I finally got around to looking at the H&M Fashion Against Aids – The Festival Collection. 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects – yey for good deeds! They launched the collection on May 20th, 2010 and since I'm here in Brisbane, I'm totally missing out on this very lovely selection of new stuff which include men/ladies festival kits, headphones, sleeping bags and even a tent! Even more unfortunate the sleeping bags and tent won't be available for sale in Canada – boourns, I can't even get my friends to pick them up for me!

I absolutely adore H&M. Now I'm not going to necessarily buy everything in the store, but they do offer plenty of trendy and classic items at very awesome, affordable prices. You should also be a keen shopper because there plenty of items that are well made, and then there are items that fall apart after couple of washes/use – so watch out before purchasing something just because you so it in a magazine or blog. That kind of advice seems like something everyone should innately know but I wouldn't be surprised that there are some people who don't listen to sound advice.

Ah well, it really is too bad that there isn't an H&M shop here! I'll cheer myself up with a bubble tea, sprinkle hearts!