Indulging In Polish


┬áThe other day I passed by Terry White Chemist shop and they had a whole load of nail polish on sale for $2 each. I couldn’t resist picking up a few. Nail polish is just one of those girly things that I indulge in a lot more than I would with make-up or fashion, simply due to the price. And I love looking at my nail colours when I’m working and typing away at the keyboard. Go rainbow nails, go!


Ulta3 Nail Colour in Lagoon went on pretty smoothly, only took me 2 regular coats to give it that shiny finish and it had a reasonable drying time.


NYC Nail Colour in Citrus was this bright, neon yellow polish. It took way too many thick coats (3+) and because of that it took way too long to dry. I clearly don’t have any patience since regular coats were too sheer for my liking. Since I was using my left hand to apply on my right hand, I was very messy with the application.

For the price that I paid, I couldn’t really expect too much from them. It’s instant gratification at its finest. Though it wouldn’t count as instant if Citrus took forever to dry, now would it?

Oh yeah, both had a pretty strong smell but NYC was even worse. Even when I got to bed, I had to keep my hands away from my face so I wouldn’t smell them. I think that might be a bad sign, yah? Meh.

So far Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure and Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish collections are my drugstore faves. Their brushes are pretty good, consistency is awesome (not too thick or thin) and drying time are reasonable, though Rimmel’s truly dries, amazingly fast!

What’s on your nails today? Do you change them up often or do you stay au natural?

Until next time, sprinkle hearts!

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  1. Donna Vitan

    Bah, citrus just chipped on me last night. And you don’t need bewbs to put them on. Stop being shy and just dooeet. Do a shade of blue and green to start.

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