Lovely in motion

As part of my ongoing quest to further fill my life with design, beauty and love, the following are videos that bring me joy. It really depends on my mood but right now I prefer to derive inspiration from light, happy scenes with a dash of cheekiness! Perhaps these will add a bit of light to your day.

A light romantic and breezy music video of Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat.

A cheeky video, “Charlie The Unicorn: Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain” by TypeQueen of NewGrounds and SecretAgentBob on YouTube.

Wonderful wardrobe that I’d love to own starring one my girl crushes Zooey Deschanel for Cotton.

Oh only if my days could be spent so carefree while riding cute bicycles, eating delicious cupcakes and following balloons. Commercial for Miss Dior Chérie.