Ruby Press is giving away free cupcakes!

Ruby Press is a boutique PR agency with a beautiful blog filled with delightful inspiration. And they’re currently running a giveaway to promote Viv & Ingrid‘s new v&i Bonbon collection of gifts and accessories.

These are so adorable AND cupcake shaped! What’s not to love? I could think of a dozen things to stash in them! Candies, nuts, mints, bite-sized snack things, staples, tacks, stickers, paper clips, jewellery, cotton balls… whatever else needs containing! These cupcakes come in cherry, chocolate, gold, silver and strawberry colours which are really pretty but if I win, I would want them all in cherry! Not very creative? I think not, because it’s my fave colour and I want them all neatly in a row on my desk so I will always have cupcakes in view holding my tidbits!

You know, they come in the prettiest boxes too and I think they’re worth keeping on display too. I can hide even more stuff in ’em!


Source: Ruby Press