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Grid-It, Organize Your Stuff In A Cool Way


Hey kids, this is one hot organizer for ya which is perfect for your laptop bag and in my case, my massive carry all tote.

I pretty much love anything and everything that helps me organize the black hole I call my purse. I should probably do one of those “What’s In My Bag” posts and then you can see all the little bits I need to put into place. It’s been a constant process of letting things accumulate in my bag, drink bottles, receipts, magazines, accessories, sanitizers, candy. Then purging and re-organzing.

Now something like this, would be amazingly useful, particularly for all my gadgets. It would be easy to transfer from one tote to the laptop bag to the luggage without the hassle because you’ll have immediate visual confirmation that you have all that you need. What a time saver!

I especially like the elastic band idea because you can easily squeeze your items in there so that next time you’re not digging for a pen at the bottom of your bag, past your scarf, to the left of your moleskin, right under that pack of gum without getting your hand tangled by your earphones.

Check it out, you can order one from www.cocooninnovations.com and they start from $9.99.

Fantastical Headpieces


The first one reminds me of the child-like Empress from The Neverending Story. I’m sure most of you will agree with me on that.

The crown doesn’t really remind me of anything but it does evoke awesomeness and I’m down with that.

Crown me, crown me, crown me!