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Wishlist Winter Coat

TNA Aspen Knee-length parka in hemp


Hilary Mid-length parka


Verbier Knee-length parka


In order of my preference. I know that these coats are mega trendy and pretty much everywhere in the past year, but I really like the style. My biggest concern is if it is warm enough for our Canadian winters. It is also pricey but I figure it will be alright because I would wear the heck out of it – I’ve had my previous coat for ages.

Have you had a coat from here and is it warm enough for you?

LUCYD ACYD Illicit Bandage Leggings



Oh hotness! I love these leggings. They are amazeballs, and I’m amazeballs so I really think I should have a pair of these. Must… have….

It really isn’t that often that I get an overwhelming lusty feeling towards apparel… but this blog would suggest otherwise.

No really though, there’s plenty of lusty items on this blog but most of the time they fall under oh-that’s-nice kind of lust. But this one is special, I can tell. Mostly because it’s actually affordable to me and doesn’t have a price tag ranging in the thousands.

Thanks Vanessa of thehautepursuit.com for sharing!

Pretty Much My Daily Uniform


Caroline Blomst has taken 14 items and created 14 different looks. And she’s hosting a lovely contest where you have a chance to win one of the outfits she has put together.

I’ve chosen this hot little number because it so awesomely amazeballs. It’s so put together that I can get around everywhere in this outfit, from working at the design studio all day to rocking it at night. Though I’m not sure I’d last too long on the heels all day but I’m willing to try! Each piece can also be the centerpiece of other outfits that I look forward to building ♥.

Above: Top Gina Tricot, Jacket Topshop, Treggings H&M, Bracelet Lindex, Glasses H&M, Shoes H&M.

Skirting the Issue



The following have been stored in my inspiration folder for a long while now but it’s time to share, so here you go!


There are even a few do-it-yourself inspiration for making simple skirts!

Do-it-yourself Puff Skirt from Childhood Flames


Do-it-yourself Pink Panel Skirt from Style Scrapbook


If I ever get around to making my own, I’ll definitely show them here.

Note: I will be sharing a lot from my inspiration folder. I’ve been hoarding so many photos from the web that I’ve already forgotten their original sources. Once again, I apologize for not giving credit accordingly but feel free to correct me and I will be more than happy to give credit where it’s due.

Barquentine Skirt by Makool Loves You


Ooh, a very pretty skirt with a bow and mine if I had the expendable bones for it. Unfortunately, I do not. My fabulous roomie, K is into retro, vintage fashion, altering and making her own clothes. Maybe she can help me make this one, granted I have not sewn anything together since I made clothes for Barbie with my cousin when we were younger.

Did you notice that it has pockets too? Sweet!

Check out Makool Loves You for more prettiness.