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Alexander McQueen Fall 2010/2011 Collection





I dig the really awesome lines of these three particular dresses. There’s a dress in my mind, not sure what it looks like yet, and I haven’t dared try to sketch it out but it takes a few elements from each of these dresses. Diaphanous, structured and curvy.

Aaand… it would probably include more colours. Or maybe not, who knows!

Unicorns are everywhere!

It’s Thursday guys! I know that unicorns will get you through till the weekend.

I saw this and went from “I want to ride a unicorn” to “Damn, I want to be THE unicorn”!


Source: Evolution of unicorn outfit by Doe Deere Blogazine

I am a big ring person. If there is a particular accessory type that I gravitate towards, it would be rings. Rings and sunglasses! I collect more of them than any other accessories. In particular, I like substantial rings, rather than thin delicate pieces and often with character. Back in high school, when I went to the mall with my friends and tried on rings, I would ask them “Would you still be my friend if I wore this?”. It’d be rhetorical of course because I could always find and love the most gaudiest of rings. However, these rings are kick ass, so yes, please add them to my collection. Thanks.


Source: Spotted from Vanilla Scented, Unicorns Fight ring by Matina Amanita

And you could also check out the Unicorn Diaries, a lovely blog with lots of dreamy stuff.

Alice in Wonderland Bubble Dress


There’s no doubt that the hype is building momentum as promotional photos surface for the upcoming Tim Burton movie, Alice in Wonderland.

Now, blue isn’t really my color but I could make an exception for this beautiful little number!


Source: Alice in Wonderland Bubble Dress in Blue, Lulu’s

And while I’m dream shopping at Lulu’s, might as well pick this up!


Source: Femme Fatal Dress in Brown, Lulu’s