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Tote Obsession

I must admit, I have a tote bag obsession. I know this because Jason would remark exasparatedly ‘Not another one?!’ anytime he would catch me bringing home a new tote bag. I think my biggest problem out of this is that I love the idea of having reusable bags but I just never seem to have one on hand when I need them. I ought to remember to keep one in my every day bag.

Totes are also on my wishlist to create. I have so many doodles and patterns in my head that I wish I could put on a tote – not only that, there are so many styles of totes too! One day, I will stop being lazy and get this done.

Of course, I’m not the only one with a tote obsession.

DIY Dylanlex Stacked necklace

This a must-do in the Do-It-Yourself project pile. I’ve been keeping my eye out for shiny necklaces on sale because this could get pretty expensive if I go on a massive necklace buying spree, only to mash it up together and fail at this. Luckily, the aim of this is to make it unique and, hopefully, this project will be fail-proof.

This is my inspiration.

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Images via Drew’s Instagram, instagram.com/dylanlex

Guest DIY tutorial by Drew of Dylanlex via a pair & a spare

Rumour has it that Drew’s actually going to be opening up her own shop soon. I can only imagine that it’s going to cost megabucks.

DIY Tuxedo Pants

becauseimaddictedtuxedopanttrouser gerihirschdiytuxedopants
via becauseimaddicted.net

Or just pants with ribbons on the side. I think I would like to do this. I have a pair of pants that I’m kind over, so I could totally switch up with something like this. It’s a dark grey pair with similar cut to the photo in the middle (woman with white top and black hat).

Shall I?

Colourful Vellum Paper Mobiles


This lovely DIY project is making the rounds on the interwebs and I’ve already seen it featured/posted on many other ladies’ blogs. I thought I’d put here too because I do love the project and isn’t my blog, my treasure chest of inspiration too!

There are too many blogs and individual posts that catch my eye, and just as many times, I often try and go back to find a particular image or inspiration but it’s lost in the archives of a million other pretty things that I consider it a lost cause.

I just wanted to share this here and hope that you don’t mind if you’ve already seen it before. It’s such a lovely project, and easy to customize to your own colour palette.

Rainbow shinies and sprinkle hearts!