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On A Feminine Streak

I think by now you’ve caught on that I’m full on into girly, frilly, ruffled outfits WITH attitude! Well thanks to Dead Fleurette, she’s tuned me on to Gillian Tennant. A shop that has linen, cotton and silk pieces that look like they’d float like butter on your skin!


If I only had to to pick two pieces from the collection it would be the Easy Dress in White and Tucked Skirt in Fawn because they’d be the most versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe. I would wear them with Jeffrey Campbell Black Clinic Wedges with side metal plate (hey, this is my dream wardrobe remember!) for that touch of hardness from all this softness.


Don’t forget to check out Dead Fleurette, she is hosting a giveaway for 2 pieces of the Gillian Tennant collection!

I Checked Out Tonight’s Fashion Snaps


Le bf joined me tonight at checking out Fashion Snaps at Queen Street Mall to kick off The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane. Fashion Snaps is a free public event to showcase spring/summer fashion from retailers in the mall and surrounding CBD shops.

It was worth a visit, if anything I love how Queen Street Mall always has something going for the public.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out tonight as they will be doing it everyday until the end of the festival. For more details, check out the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.

Sprinkle hearts!

Taylor Jacobson By Kasil Workshop


Kasil’s creative director David Lim met with Taylor soon after she left Rachel Zoe. He realized early on that they shared similar views when it came to denim. “As soon as we met, we found the one thing we have in common is the same idea as far as how we would like the overall jean to look – which is clean, classic, no bells and whistles, just really simple,” David said.


I rather like these Kasil jeans and definitely agree with the idea of keeping the look clean and simple.

Now I know that the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project is imminent and though I’m a super fan of Taylor Jacobson, I will be watching the show. I’m curious and apprehensive at how the separation plays out in the show, but I’m hoping success for everyone and maybe a tad bit more for Taylor because I have soft spot for the underdog.

How cute is she in this photo?


The American Apparel Dress Code Manual

There was also a previous and interesting leak of American Apparel’s Hiring & Styling Guides.

I can’t even begin to comment on the state of this company, its hiring practices or code of conduct but I can comment on how well their branding is done. Clear, simple and concise. It leaves little to misinterpretation and provides a consistent and organized process.


H&M Fashion Against Aids

Am I always late to the party? I finally got around to looking at the H&M Fashion Against Aids – The Festival Collection. 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects – yey for good deeds! They launched the collection on May 20th, 2010 and since I'm here in Brisbane, I'm totally missing out on this very lovely selection of new stuff which include men/ladies festival kits, headphones, sleeping bags and even a tent! Even more unfortunate the sleeping bags and tent won't be available for sale in Canada – boourns, I can't even get my friends to pick them up for me!

I absolutely adore H&M. Now I'm not going to necessarily buy everything in the store, but they do offer plenty of trendy and classic items at very awesome, affordable prices. You should also be a keen shopper because there plenty of items that are well made, and then there are items that fall apart after couple of washes/use – so watch out before purchasing something just because you so it in a magazine or blog. That kind of advice seems like something everyone should innately know but I wouldn't be surprised that there are some people who don't listen to sound advice.

Ah well, it really is too bad that there isn't an H&M shop here! I'll cheer myself up with a bubble tea, sprinkle hearts!







Gremlins Behind the Scenes at Giles Deacons Paris Fashion Week




I really love seeing backstage photos more than the runway photos. I suppose it’s because I’m more interested in the tools of the trade and the idea of making things up, creating things, putting them together and the rush that comes with climax of presenting the finished product to the world.

Look at all those makeup brushes!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010/2011 Collection





I dig the really awesome lines of these three particular dresses. There’s a dress in my mind, not sure what it looks like yet, and I haven’t dared try to sketch it out but it takes a few elements from each of these dresses. Diaphanous, structured and curvy.

Aaand… it would probably include more colours. Or maybe not, who knows!

Pretty Much My Daily Uniform


Caroline Blomst has taken 14 items and created 14 different looks. And she’s hosting a lovely contest where you have a chance to win one of the outfits she has put together.

I’ve chosen this hot little number because it so awesomely amazeballs. It’s so put together that I can get around everywhere in this outfit, from working at the design studio all day to rocking it at night. Though I’m not sure I’d last too long on the heels all day but I’m willing to try! Each piece can also be the centerpiece of other outfits that I look forward to building ♥.

Above: Top Gina Tricot, Jacket Topshop, Treggings H&M, Bracelet Lindex, Glasses H&M, Shoes H&M.

Style Inspiration: What to Wear to the Airport

I’m dreaming of travelling some where warmer, granted it’s not blistering cold or covered in snow in Toronto right now but it is indeed grey and dreary. And as such, I’ve distracted myself by putting together some jet set style inspirations because being comfy and stylish is awesome plus five.









Men Can Look Good Too






Couples Cute