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Blushing Bride, with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere

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I’m not even a bit of makeup person but since my best friend’s wedding is coming up, it’s time I learned a little something. Granted, I do have the most basic makeup routine but I’ve never gone so far as using concealer and foundation and primer and all that jazz, which I believe is the key to the whole, lit from within beauty look. Let the learning continue!

Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector, Canada’s first BB Cream

What the hell is a BB Cream?

I really had no idea what it was and only really found out about it through Cat Marnell, the beauty and health director for xoJane.com. She’s hilarious by the way, you should read her gold mine. Anyway, she recently wrote a drugstore edition on BB cream with a low down on what it’s about and why it’s setting the world on fiya!


I’m a sucker for something easy to add to my routine and with all the benefits mentioned, it seemed like a miracle product. So… F’yeah! The next time I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I dropped a pretty penny ($21.99 CDN) for Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector, marketed as Canada’s first BB Cream. I’ll give it a chance since I’ve always used and liked Garnier’s stuff before.

So far, my first day with it has been pretty good. It applied softly, felt light on the skin, and depending on how heavy you are with the product, provides a smooth colouring. I won’t subject you with my mug shot, but maybe I should since this is technically my review of the product. There was a second there where I was going to put a picture up but then I got all shy and shit. Maybe next time when I get some balls!

I told a friend about it at work, and I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced him to give this a try too. Yes, it was a him. Hey, sometimes a guy needs a little help getting perfect too!

60 Seconds Polish

Got this the other day, a total impulse shop but worth it! It's Green with Envy, 60 Seconds by Rimmel London. The brush is smooth and spreads the polish on pretty well, it's also a very fast drying so it's OK to put it on a little thickly for one layer. I love this shade of shimmery green, almost turquoise? While putting it on, the colour reminded me of the Little Mermaid, in a sexy way.

Love the shade and I'll get a few more shades in the collection. I wonder if they have a mint shade…

Cheers and sprinkles,