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Selexyz Bookstore, Maastricht, Holland

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This is gorgeous. I thought it was a library but it’s actually a bookstore.

I love this kind of mix between classical structures with modern interiors. I want my dream home to be a mix similar to this. Actually, my dream home would be a skyscraper castle like the one from the Gargoyle cartoon.

via urbantoronto.ca

The Ecospace WorkPod


An efficient use of space and budget.

The Ecospace WorkPod™ is a compact, ergonomically designed workspace for one person and is a contemporary, practical solution for home workers needing separate, but affordable year round workspace. With optional integral work station and storage systems, it creates a cost-effective and productive working environment.

  • Ideal for restricted sites
  • Fully completed with office technology and low energy underfloor heating and lighting.
  • More cost effective than renting office space
  • Typical installation is just 4 days

A sweet and nifty solution when you really need your own workspace.