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Late night with Yoshi

Oh you know, just having a late Sunday night hangout with my new buddy, Yoshi. Tomorrow is Family Day in Canada, so that means I’m not going into work but it doesn’t mean there isn’t any work to do. I still have a project I need to complete.

For now, I may pop in another movie and cuddle my bud until my eyelids grow heavy.


Good night sweet people and sprinkle hearts!

Knitted throw by @jasonrundell’s mumsy
Cross Bangle II and Silver Claw Ring by Fashionlogy.nl

Red with Black and White Bow, Forever21


I think this shirt is cute. I wear it to work. Obvi. But I wear a blazer with it so I look smart. Also, if you shop in Forever21, it’s great for cheap and trendy items but make sure you still pay attention to quality so that it doesn’t fall apart after the first wash. Just sayin.