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Blushing Bride, with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere

via youtube.com

I’m not even a bit of makeup person but since my best friend’s wedding is coming up, it’s time I learned a little something. Granted, I do have the most basic makeup routine but I’ve never gone so far as using concealer and foundation and primer and all that jazz, which I believe is the key to the whole, lit from within beauty look. Let the learning continue!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Ah! I have things to do as I will be hosting tonight’s dinner but I can not step away from this little darling. Watching this little pet of muscle just entrances me and evaporates my stress…

Oh yes, I must return to the roasting of turkey and sweeping of floors!

The Ballad of G.I. Joe

I’m not really sure I want to see it, however I will mostly likely end up seeing it theatre. I have lowerered expectations for this movie, even lower than the expectations I had for Transformers 2 but comic book, video game adaptations always get me. I’m geeky like that

Now, I’m not a die hard G.I. Joe fan and I don’t really know the series but I do recall having many Barbie parties where they guested frequently. I’m sure they had as much fun trying on Barbie dresses too!

This video is currently making the rounds on the interweb and it’s pretty dang cool. It is a musical spoof of the upcoming G.I. Joe movie.

To catch you up with some of the characters… you can read Kevinism’s Top Ten G.I. Joe Villains – COBRA. Mmk, so maybe this isn’t a helpful introduction to the characters but it is an entertaining read on the Cobra crew.

Because knowing is half the battle. Ha!


Source: The Battle T-Shirt

Buffy vs Edward Remixed

Source: Jonathan McIntosh (Team Buffy) of www.rebelliouspixels.com

This is a great mashup of Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m not sure if I intend to instigate a debate on which is better because… actually I know Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a lot better story-wise and character development. I’m just not hard core bashing Twilight because I have a soft spot for teen angst movies.

I was going to make a list of the things that bothered me about the Twilight series but I think this article from www.cracked.com just explains everything so well.

In the end, if you fully disregard existing vampire mythology, suspend all logic and sensibilities of a real, balanced relationship… basically if you turn your brain off, then yeah, you could enjoy Twilight too!

You know what’s better than Twilight? Twilight with Cheeseburgers!

500 Days of Summer

Speaking of the lovely Zooey Deschanel, I wanted to share the trailer for her upcoming movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’m looking forward to seeing this one.

I also enjoyed her movie with Jim Carrey, Yes Man. It was a sweet, light comedy.

I’m sure you know that she’s a singer too, oh what you don’t? Yeah, she does.

Munchausen by Proxy (Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva) – Uh-huh

Munchausen by Proxy (Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva) – Keystar

Munchausen by Proxy (Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva) – Sweet Ballad

Lovely in motion

As part of my ongoing quest to further fill my life with design, beauty and love, the following are videos that bring me joy. It really depends on my mood but right now I prefer to derive inspiration from light, happy scenes with a dash of cheekiness! Perhaps these will add a bit of light to your day.

A light romantic and breezy music video of Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat.

A cheeky video, “Charlie The Unicorn: Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain” by TypeQueen of NewGrounds and SecretAgentBob on YouTube.

Wonderful wardrobe that I’d love to own starring one my girl crushes Zooey Deschanel for Cotton.

Oh only if my days could be spent so carefree while riding cute bicycles, eating delicious cupcakes and following balloons. Commercial for Miss Dior Chérie.