Unicorns are everywhere!

It’s Thursday guys! I know that unicorns will get you through till the weekend.

I saw this and went from “I want to ride a unicorn” to “Damn, I want to be THE unicorn”!


Source: Evolution of unicorn outfit by Doe Deere Blogazine

I am a big ring person. If there is a particular accessory type that I gravitate towards, it would be rings. Rings and sunglasses! I collect more of them than any other accessories. In particular, I like substantial rings, rather than thin delicate pieces and often with character. Back in high school, when I went to the mall with my friends and tried on rings, I would ask them “Would you still be my friend if I wore this?”. It’d be rhetorical of course because I could always find and love the most gaudiest of rings. However, these rings are kick ass, so yes, please add them to my collection. Thanks.


Source: Spotted from Vanilla Scented, Unicorns Fight ring by Matina Amanita

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