Wishlist Sorel Boots are Badass for Canadian Weather

So, yeah I’m already getting ahead of myself by lusting for warm, fuzzy boots for my return to Toronto. These are my top 3 faves.


Sorel Women’s Mackenzie Slip Tall is sooo clean and simple.


Sorel Women’s Caribou is the original and it’s hard to beat a classic that boasts warmth, durability and comfort.


And lastly, Sorel Women’s Joan of Arc which I think is a lot like the Caribou if it blossomed a little more.

I think they’re really lovely and I’m a boots kind of girl so one of these might soon be in my immediate future.

What’s your favourite pair of boots? For winter or otherwise. Do you have a pair of Sorel and if so, how do you like them? I seriously want to know. Until then, sprinkle hearts.

0 thoughts on “Wishlist Sorel Boots are Badass for Canadian Weather

  1. Donna Vitan

    Thanks for stopping by Amelia! Did you find boots just as awesome?I’m going to skip out on everyone else’s Christmas present and just buy these. Which would be kind of insane because that would mean I am both cheap and selfish…Kidding!